måndag 12 oktober 2015

Slippers for the guests

I knitted some wool slippers for our guest 
in winter time the floor in our house can be a little cold, then a warm slipper is cosy.
I then sewed a little basket to have them in and placed them by the door.
The fabric is perfect for the slippers with little sweet sheep. 
They are so easy to make and you don't need much material, so you can use yarn that was over from a another project.

My friend Þorunn gave me the instructions for the slippers and taught me how to do the basket
We try to meet once or two times a month and do projects together, have dinner, drink tea and eat some sweets :)

Thank you for stopping by
and I hope you are fine :)
hugs Sif

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi ,, que bonitas esas zapatillas de descanso ,, un bonito trabajo amiga querida

    1. querida Angélica, gracias por tu agradable comentario:) men encanta estar en contacto con digo tan lejos en el mundo:)
      un abrazo Sif

  2. Hver myndi ekki kunna að meta þessa gestainniskó! Skemmtilegt og smart :-)

  3. þakka þér fyrir:) barnabörnin með foreldrum voru í heimsókn í gær og allir fundu stærð sem passaði og þeim fannst þetta mjög notalegt.
    knús Sif