söndag 27 juli 2014


We where in Copenhagen for at visit the other day 
and we went to the HAY store
I just wanted everything in there:) I could have moved in there 
The design and the colors are just wonderful

The glasses, the cloths and the servetts, umhhh like candy 

Sweet dreams with some of these bed clothing's
and a book and a flower on this little tray table beside the bed  

These owls are just adorable 
and I wouldn't mind on of these blankets    

I love boxes and paper
and these little note books and boxes would not bother me if they where on my desk:)
or one of these wooden figures 

This red shelf would be great in my working studio 
and two off these round coffee tables are perfect in our teve room:))

Yes it was great fun visting HAY
Thank you for visting me
I hope you are having fun:)

Hugs Sif

tisdag 22 juli 2014

Mathildas Trädgård

On the north side of Stockholm you can find this little place
it is a bit wild and charming
they sell plants and nice little things that you don´t need but want:)
they also have a flee market with some old treasures
and there is a café with little homemade cookies and sandwiches
We always stop there on pur way to Nelly´s summer place
Nice isn't it :)

I hope that you are having a great summer
I sure am enjoying mine:)

Hugs Sif

fredag 11 juli 2014

I got motorbike license

I have been in Iceland for two weeks taking motorbike classes
and now I am back to Stockholm and looking for a motorbike to buy
and in two weeks I will get my license sent to me
I am so exited!
in this picture we where driving in Hvalfjörður
we had such luck with the weather and it was so beautiful
a bit ruff for a beginner but I made it:)
I had a great instructor all the way through the trip and these two weeks
Thank you Eggert:) 

I will post more about my motorbike adventurers later

Have a nice day
Hugs Sif

onsdag 9 juli 2014


Finally I took the time to sew some new covers for the pillows in the glasshouse
I am very pleased with the result
only the green polka dots one is the same on both sides
all the others have different fabrice on the back side so easy to change in the sofa:)
I let the pictures speak for them selfs   






So lovely that you stop by at my blog
have a great time
Hugs Sif

tisdag 8 juli 2014

Gifts for graduation

Two lovely kids graduated from high school this spring
and I wanted to give them something to celebrate so a I made this jewelry for them
one girl and one boy
for her I made dangling earrings as I knew from her mother that she like that
 I hope she likes these ones 
and for him I made this bracelet and he can engrave what ever he wants on the silver plate 


I hope that you are having a great summer
I am enjoying the warmth and sun these last days
have a great time:)
Hugs Sif