måndag 28 januari 2013

Happy birthday

Today is my birthday, I had a wonderful morning with two friends doing yoga at my house, wonderful:)
What a great way to start your birthday
Shearing this day with me are two wonderful little girls in Iceland, Erla Kamilla 3 years old and Silvia 4, 
happy birthday to them to, hugs and kisses

These photos are from the table decoration I did last Saturday when I had the family for dinner. I had a great time, got fine gifts and my daughter baked cakes for me and my husband cooked a fantastic fish soup, 
thank you all for everything:)    

Have a great day everybody and thank you for stopping by
Hugs Sif 

fredag 25 januari 2013

New Cards






More hearts 

The last days I have been working with my cards, my lager was empty and I didn’t have any to deliver so it was just roll up the sleeves and get started. These are a few of the latest ones.

What is your latest protect?

I am so happy that you stopped by at my blog:)
Hugs Sif  

onsdag 16 januari 2013

New neighbors

A new family just moved to our street, thought that it would be nice to go over and welcome them to our wonderful street. Nicer not to go empty handed so I made this decoration for them
I hope that they will be happy in their new house.

Thank you for stopping by today
Hugs Sif

tisdag 1 januari 2013

Happy New Year

Dear friends I wish you all a wonderful 2013, 
I hope all your wishes come true

Setting the table for new years ewe with gold and roses   
A great evening with the family and friends
Cheers everybody


 The first day off the year presented it self with some sunlight 
and I took a long walk in the neighborhood    
Thank you for stopping by
Hugs Sif