fredag 29 april 2016

Easter table setting

On Easter Sunday I set the table with these beautiful eggs
with little presents and candy for everybody 
I know that Easter is long gone
but I just love these eggs and wanted to show you;)

Have a great day:)
Hugs Sif

måndag 28 mars 2016

Little more Easter

Time just flies and Easter is over this year 
sweet Easter dekorations is to be put away some of these days 
Here some old fashion eggs with sweet motives
I hope you have had a wonderful time over the Easter weekend :)


Thank you for your visit:)
Hugs Sif

fredag 25 mars 2016

Pink Easter

It´s wonderful to have a few days of for Easter :)
Little bit of trading, little bit of studying , little bit of fun
and maybe a little bit of chocolate :)

Have a great Long Friday 
Hugs Sif

måndag 21 mars 2016

Stones and leather

This one is made with tourmalines and leather
I like it very much, I wear it nearly all the time:)
Have a wonderful day :)
Hugs Sif

torsdag 17 mars 2016

Leather bracelets

It´s always nice to try something different 
leather bracelets with silver rings and silver lock
decorated with flowery pins 

Have a wonderful day my friends
and thank you for for stopping by at my  little creative spot:)
Hugs from the sunny Stockholm

tisdag 15 mars 2016


Sweet spring with Daffodils :)
Here an an old box I bought in a flea market 

Have a fantastic day today:)
Hugs Sif

fredag 11 mars 2016

Soon Easter

Soon it´s Easter :)
and with Easter comes spring
today the sun is shining, it´s kind a warm day and the birds are singing 
and I am in such a spring mood:)

I crochet the little birdie last year 
it was so much fun to do and you just make it a blink of a eye;)



Have a wonderful day<3
Hugs Sif

Silver bracelets

These new bracelets I made of silver are called Stenebylänk 
I like them very much, it is a nice gift for both man and women
we all have one in the family :)

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day
hugs Sif

måndag 7 mars 2016

Pink flowers

 Hi my dear blog friends
long time no see 
I have had some problems with my blogging
I don´t know what has happened but I could´t get to my pictures, I have tried  everything I could think of and now it seams that I have found a solution, I hope so
Anyway it is good to by back :)

I bought these beautiful flowers this morning and now they are making my happy in the hall:)


Thank you for staying with my and for your visitis <3
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Have a great day everybody
Hugs Sif

fredag 29 januari 2016

Red roses

for my birthday yesterday, 
these are just amazing and big roses I got from my husband and daughter 
and they smells also nice:)

Have a great day 
hugs Sif

tisdag 19 januari 2016

Heart in the snow

Playing in the snow
with heart and candles

It´s is nice to have some snow
to have winter when it is winter:)

Enjoy life
Thank you for stopping by
Hugs Sif

söndag 17 januari 2016

Beautiful winter

Beautiful frost roses on the glass, minus 15 in Stockholm today
and a little decoration in the snow


Thank you for stopping by:)
Hugs Sif

lördag 2 januari 2016

Happy New Year

Dear blog friends I wish you all a very very Happy New Year
I hope this year will be; 
full of pleasant surprises
fulfilling of dreams
and full of happiness for you all

A potpourri of 2015


       Have a great your everybody:)
Hugs Sif