onsdag 22 mars 2017

My daughters room

We are redecorating my daughters room
We started with painting the room, three walls white and one in another color
today we are showing you the cosy corner with a chair her father made when I was pregnant with her,
for us to sit in and read fairytales when she was little in different languages, in Icelandic or Swedish, and sometimes in English 
We still fit in there together:)

The wall decoration will probably change in the next few days;)
This is just a experiment 

I hope your are enjoying your day as much as I am:)
Hugs Sif

onsdag 15 mars 2017


At last back to my blog
I have had problems inserting pictures
I had tried everything and call for assistance 
and then finally yesterday I got the right help
 and here I am again 
so happy:)

But I have been aktiv on my Instagram account 
welcome to visit me there:)

Hugs Sif