fredag 29 januari 2016

Red roses

for my birthday yesterday, 
these are just amazing and big roses I got from my husband and daughter 
and they smells also nice:)

Have a great day 
hugs Sif

tisdag 19 januari 2016

Heart in the snow

Playing in the snow
with heart and candles

It´s is nice to have some snow
to have winter when it is winter:)

Enjoy life
Thank you for stopping by
Hugs Sif

söndag 17 januari 2016

Beautiful winter

Beautiful frost roses on the glass, minus 15 in Stockholm today
and a little decoration in the snow


Thank you for stopping by:)
Hugs Sif

lördag 2 januari 2016

Happy New Year

Dear blog friends I wish you all a very very Happy New Year
I hope this year will be; 
full of pleasant surprises
fulfilling of dreams
and full of happiness for you all

A potpourri of 2015


       Have a great your everybody:)
Hugs Sif