fredag 31 maj 2013

A genius at Konstfack

Matilda Norberg had made this fantastic clothing, 
it is not only the design but mostly the fantastic way in how it is made,
simply perfect.


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Hugs Sif 

torsdag 30 maj 2013

Spring exhibition at Konstfack

Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
It is always interesting to visit the schools of design and arts, many interesting things to see
I liked this to projects
Chair by Matilda Lindblom and  leafs by Sarin Tasnathepgamol

Have a nice day
Hugs Sif 

tisdag 28 maj 2013

Beautiful Esja

Now Esja got her Icelandic sweeter, hers is also in cotton, no sticky Icelandic wool please.
She chose a sweeter like her mothers, but a little different color in the pattern thought  


Little sister Embla also wanted her picture taken so here they pose together.
And the very next morning I got this wonderful picture by sms of them going to school, proudly wearing their Icelandic sweaters
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Hugs Sif

måndag 20 maj 2013

White Magnolia

A wonderful white Magnolia in me neighborhood, 
unfortunately not ours, ours is very late in blooming this year, we just have to wait with patience:) But until then we will enjoy this one  

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onsdag 15 maj 2013

Downtown Stockholm

 In Kungsträdgården here in Stockholm the cheery trees where in in full bloom last week, 
just an amazing sight and as you can see it was not only 
Leo and I that went there to enjoy it:) 
The park was full a people enjoying the blooming and the great weather  

Welcome summer :)

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Bye bye

lördag 11 maj 2013


Just al lovely little bouquet to enjoy

Hope you are having a wonderful time
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Hugs Sif

onsdag 1 maj 2013


The last day of April is celebrated all over Sweden as Valborgsmässa. It’s a great day, friends and family gather around for a good meal,  often a barbeque and then go together to the Majbrasa, a campfire that is in every neighborhood.
We hade it all, family, friends, barbeque, decorations, fire and fireworks.
It was a great evening with wonderful people and fantastic meal in our beautiful glass house.
I hope that you also hade a great day yesterday and today

Happy May everybody
Hugs Sif