tisdag 21 oktober 2014

The Tea Party

And finally the Tea Party:)
The dining room decorated for Alice in Wonderland
Welcome to our party

At both sides all the different chairs
my two new painted and the others that are our own
 some that Leo has designed

Big playing cards as a drape 

Sweet little birdcages with butterflies 
and a bunting with Sweet 16

To the right the chair that Sunna renovated last year 

The keys that I bought at Eva´s flea market, love them:)) 
and a road indicator I made with vasabi tape,  the text is printed from the computer on white papper
and cut as arrows, very simple:)
the clocks on the wall are also printouts 

More playing cards and more keys 

For weeks I was on a mission looking for tecups
and I wanted to have all different 
look what treasures I found, some I already had :)
and the name tags where perfect to each set 

Beautiful sweet sixteens 

Somethings sweet to eat
Sunna did bake all the cakes herself
meringue cake made with brown sugar and sweet macaroons

 a chocolate cake with one sweet strawberry
and a raw cake with no sugar, wheat or yeast, delicious 

And of course we had some tea:) 
we hade a variations of teas so the girls could find something that they like

Everybody was happy 
Sunna got the party she wanted 
the guests liked the make-believe world they where invited to
and they loved Sunnas cakes and the variety of teas
and I got to play a little creating this world

Thank you for stopping by
Take some sweets in your life with a cup of tea:)
Hugs Sif

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  1. En skemmtileg og vel heppnuð þemahugmynd!

  2. Þvílíkt hugmyndarflug :)
    Knús Anna Sigga