fredag 29 augusti 2014

Living room makeover

Monique's livingroom needed a makeover, 
but she was not going to invest in new furnitures
so what we did was changing the arrangement of the furniture 
and we added some things and removed some 

I am sorry about the quality of the pictures,
they are taken with different cameras by different people 
but I just wanted to show you the transformation



One of the corners before

and after
before the old piano was hiding behind the soffa 
but here in this corner it is showing a lot more and you can see the beauty of it 

Another corner before

and after 


we turned the sofa around, put some new pillos and a new carpet, 
on the walls fotografs that Monique have taken

A long empty wall before

and after
we put some wheals under the bookracks that she had placed behind the sofa,
one off top of each other for storing. 
Here it is perfect for the teve and her nice things,
a collages with Monique´s beautiful photographs

The window corner before

the book shelfs moved to a nice library corner 
with a comfortable armchair and new curtains 
and a little corner for her grandsons toys 

A new place for the dining table closer to the kitchen

Women att work:)

A visit to Monique, a few hours planning and a days work for two and this total renovation was done.
My colleague Nillus and I have worked together for many years,
now we run our one businesses and sometimes we work together on a assignment, 
check out her web side and her Facebook  

If you need help with your homestyling 
big or small
we can help you:)

Thank you for stopping by today
Hugs Sif

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