söndag 11 maj 2014

Little bags for little and big girls

Few years ago I crochet a little black bag for myself,
one that I could take to the store for only the wallet, the phone and the keys,
so I could skip taking the big handbag that is always full of stuff...
One of my nieces saw it and said
that she liked it and if I could make one for her
Since then I have made a few,
she of course got one, her sister one and another cousin to Sunna one
and Sunna of course 
and I got a new one in pink
 I also made small coin purses 

These two bags are on their way to New York to my little bonus grandchild's  
I hope that they like them:)


Thank you for stopping by today
I hope you have a great week
Hugs Sif

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  1. Krúttlegt <3
    Vona að þið skemmtuð ykkur vel mæðgurnar <3
    Love Móin litla