lördag 13 juli 2013

New potholders


New potholders in process......
I was knitting a Icelandic sweater for Sunna, when she decided that
 she wants to change the color in the pattern, so I had to put the sweater on hold until she brings the new color from Iceland, she and her grandmother will find the color together.

And there I was with nothing in my hands, so it was just quickly to find something
 to do. We where going for a long road trip and I like having something to do on the way,
so I found this very pink yarn that was leftover from another sweater and what a happy little things this will be

Happiness in the kitchen:)

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Have a great day

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  1. Þetta er geggjað flott hjá þér eins og alltaf. Hvenær leggið þip af stað? Ætla að reyna skypa í dag :) Mamman þín er að koma til mín í Englakotið :)
    Love Anna Siggan