onsdag 5 december 2012

Advent Calendar

This old Father Christmas has been around for thirteen years, my mother gave it to my daughter when she was only one years old and every December since he has joined Sunna in her room with small gifts.
We disused it this year if it was time for him to take a rest as Sunna is not a little girl anymore, but we both felt that he is such a big part of our Christmas traditions that he was not going anywhere and we are both happy with that decision. So Father Christmas and my self have been working together with the small gifts. And as Sunna likes to craft, most of the gifts are for crafting, she has already started painting her LOVE letters in wood. And some candy is not that bad either :)  

I have some technical problems with my blog so I can’t post as much as I like, but hopefully I will get it fixed as soon a possible

Happy Christmas crafting everybody
Lots of hugs

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