måndag 15 juli 2013

Workshop with granddad

Once upon a time
there was a tree that was to big for its one good, 
so it was cut down and became fine wood

The big juniper tree was standing in the middle of the garden at grandmas Nelly summerhouse.
When it was down granddad Leo cut the tree into these fine wooden slices and took it back to the summerhouse, with some tools for sawing, carving and rubbing.
Its was to become butter knifes

Here is Esja sawing her very first knife 

Now its Emblas turn

Then everybody carved their knifes 

Very proud sisters with their final product 

and they should by proud 
because these are a fantastic butter knifes 
only to be used by maker :)

A fantastic workshop with granddad and his angels in a sunny afternoon in the countryside
what a wonderful way to spend our time:) 
Thank you little angels for a wonderful day

And thank you for stopping by
I hope your day is great:)
Hugs Sif

6 kommentarer:

  1. Listakonur :) Hvaðan ætli þær hafi það nú ? :) :) :)
    Anna Sigga

    1. Já það má spyrja sig að því:)

  2. Vá æði, greinilegt að handlagnin hefur erfst :-) Knús á ykkur! Kv. Inga.

  3. Já þær eru þvílíkt handlagnar þessar yndislegu snúllur:)