tisdag 9 juli 2013

The wish tree

At the wonderful museum Louisiana outside Copenhagen 
there is an exhibition by Yogo Ono, 
it was very interesting to see. 
One thing in the exhibition is that the visitors can wright a wish and hang it on a tree in the garden. All the wishes are then send to Reykjavik for them all to come true.
Here Leo is writing and hanging his wish, I hope he will get what he wanted
I hope that everybody's wishes comes true 
The tree is beautiful with all the white tags, don't you think? 

There is also a exhibition by Tara Donavan, I thought that her pieces very totally fantastic, check her out, just amazing stuff, never seen anything like it. You need to google her because we where not allowed to take pictures !!!!

Thank you for stoping by
Hugs Sif  

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  1. Truly magnificient and inspirational eventhought the artist herself thinks that "inspiration is a joke" ;-)
    Knús, Inga.