fredag 14 april 2017

Easter candy bags

Every Easter I make some kind of rapping for candy for the children in our street,
 like cones, paper bags, celofán or whatever I find or make:)

This year in last minute I cut these paper bunnies and glued them with feathers on these 
giftbags I hade since few years back.


Is is a tradition on Maundy Thursday that the children knock on peoples doors 
and ask for candy, and in return you get homemade easter cards:)
They all dress up like easter witches and look so cute.

I hope your are all having a happy easter holidays 
Thank you so much for stopping by today
Hugs Sif

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  1. Hola amiga querida , qué bonito esos conejos en esos bellos paquetes,, que tengas un Buen Día