tisdag 25 november 2014

Back to Norrköping

I went back to Norrköping this weekend
this time girls only, we hade a relaxing and a cosy weekend 
two mothers and two teenagers 
It is such a lovely town 
and they have started with their christmas decorations

               christmas chandeliers 


       street lamps 
       by night 

            by day

             a cute café

         a another little café

               wall decorations


                      sweet sixteens      

It was such a nice thing to do
drive for two hours 
check in a nice hotel
have a great lunch
take a walk in the city
relax for awhile
have a great dinner
sleep in a strange bed
hotel breakfast 
relax in a spa
another walk in the city
and all this with great friends:)
Mini vacation, a great thing!

Thank you for stopping by
Give your self the gift of enjoying life
with mini vacation

Hugs Sif 

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  1. En notalegt hjá ykkur, ljósakrónurnar eru algjört æði!