söndag 27 juli 2014


We where in Copenhagen for at visit the other day 
and we went to the HAY store
I just wanted everything in there:) I could have moved in there 
The design and the colors are just wonderful

The glasses, the cloths and the servetts, umhhh like candy 

Sweet dreams with some of these bed clothing's
and a book and a flower on this little tray table beside the bed  

These owls are just adorable 
and I wouldn't mind on of these blankets    

I love boxes and paper
and these little note books and boxes would not bother me if they where on my desk:)
or one of these wooden figures 

This red shelf would be great in my working studio 
and two off these round coffee tables are perfect in our teve room:))

Yes it was great fun visting HAY
Thank you for visting me
I hope you are having fun:)

Hugs Sif

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