söndag 1 juni 2014

Flee Market near you

A friend of mine is selling a lot of stuff at a flea market nearby, that her father has been collecting all his life, it is just amazing how much stuff he had
this is just a tiny little bit off it all  

If you are in to old stuff you should pay her a visit and here neighbors 
at Vårberg Loppis
I mean just look at this

My treasures from the flea market
Last year Leo and I went for a visit to this little village Bodafors
and I saw these wonderful little old keys and I fell in love
and look what I found at my friends flea market
my one little keys:))))
and this little beautiful box that once belonged to some Greta Ericsson 
who was she and what was in the box?

Of corse I don´t need this old iron, but how cute isn't´t here on my planting table 
with this old beautiful dustpan

Thank you for stopping by at my place today
Hope you are having a great day
hugs Sif

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