lördag 23 november 2013

Last years Christmas cards

Some of last years Christmas Cards
Every Christmas I have a theme for my cards but I try to not make any two cards alike
and then when I send them I find a card that I think that will suite the person/persons that will receive it

I have already begun with this years card making 
and not a day to early, because it takes a bit of time to make them 
and I wonder if it is such a good idea, all that time for a christmas card 
when I have to make about 60!!! 
But I am pleased with this years idea 
so it is just to roll up the sleeves and do it:)

It is so much more that I want to do and so little time
I have started knitting some christmas presents 
and making some silver necklaces
and I want so sew some presents to
Yah we vill see how that will develop 
time for projects    

Are you making something for christmas:)
Happy making

Hugs Sif

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