onsdag 9 oktober 2013

From apple tree to table

Last summer we took down a apple tree that was standing in the middle of the garden 
 in ten years we had got four apples and they warn't even good those four 
the grass was no good around it and we had to much shadow in the garden
sometimes it was thought nice with a picnic laying under it in the shade   

But we decided to take it away and we left a bit of the bole to make a table
Leo made a circle of stones around the bole
then he made a table top and we got a smith to make an iron ring around it for us

Then we started the never ending story with many many many 
pieces of tiles to make a mosaics surface

And the work went on and on and on:)
and on and on......

But the moment came
when the work was done

we are very proud of our new table 
looking forward for many dinners with friends 
breakfast with the lowed ones
 a lunch with the family  

Thank you for stopping by
and enjoy life:)
Hugs Sif 

4 kommentarer:

  1. VÁ! en frábær hugmynd og falleg útfærsla - MJÖG vel heppnað! Til hamingju með nýja fína borðið!

    1. Þakka þér fyrir, við hlökkum til að nota það næsta sumar:)
      Ef þú átt leið til Stokkhólms þá endilega að kíkja við :)
      bestu kveðjur

  2. Snillingar :)

    Anna Sigga