fredag 16 augusti 2013

Creative moments




I have a lot of material to make bracelets, neckless or earrings,
everywhere a go I look for stones, pearls and silver that I can use
And then someday I get an idea what I want to do with it or just get inspired of all the beautiful
colors and shapes and I sit down and get started. 
Or I want to make a gift for somebody.
This summer I was invited for a birthday party with short notice and then it was just to sit down and make something that I thought would suit that friend.

These where all made one a rainy afternoon, I had so much fun making them
sitting on the floor surrounded by material  
alone at home with nice music playing:)

Thank you for stopping by
I hope you take time for your creative moments
Hugs Sif

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  1. Elska þessa rómantík <3
    Anna Sigga